A Geelong Travel guide

Here is our travel guide to Geelong as many people would love to visit there over the Summer.

Geelong is about one hour away from Melbourne and its known for its beaches and good food. Here we talk about some of the best places to explore such as the beaches and Sailors rest. We usually get there by train which is about $18-$25 per adult return. By the way you have to buy a myki for this journey as they don’t do paper tickets anymore. There is drinking water on the train but we advise you to bring your own in your drink bottle.


There are lots of eateries and it is always changing. We hear about them on Instagram from Geelongfoodloves. We love Piston Pete for great American food at affordable prices. Here everything is huge and you can spend a good winters night in there.

Geelong is also known for its fine breweries such as Little Creatures and Furphy.


We enjoy going to the beach every time. The beach is cool calm and collected. Every summer its a great place to have fun. This year they have introduced a gigantic water slide. We also love Cunningham Pier and the Paella boat. When the Food Trucks come we love to stop by. Every July there is a month long Central Tastes of Geelong which celebrates everything about food in Geelong. Here they have many workshops and tastings and Friday nights galore.

Whilst going there one time we enjoyed having $4.50 pure vanilla ice cream from a real ice cream truck. You won’t find this anywhere in Melbourne. It was full of creamy goodness. Yum and there were about 3 or 4 of them at the beach and carousel.

The train ride is $6 just to explore. It looked cool just to look around. It is only a twenty minute ride there and back.

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