Health roadblocks and how to address them

We all have roadblocks with our health. But how do we go about addressing them? It can be things like oh I’ve broken my leg over the weekend, how do I go about exercise? Maybe you could do some upper arm exercises. Right now for most people it is the Covid19. Most people are alreadyContinue reading “Health roadblocks and how to address them”


Why eating refined sugar is bad for you

We write this for Febfast in which you can give up added sugars We eat lots of refined sugar each day. We have them in our breakfast cereals, cakes, sauces and everything in between. What is refined sugar? Refined sugar is the sugar that you find which are added to things. It’s the processed sugarContinue reading “Why eating refined sugar is bad for you”

January 30 days Fitness Challenge

Did you put on some weight over Christmas? Want to lose that weight healthily? Then here’s the solution This year I want to challenge you to 30 days of Fitness. Every day you are to do any activity that you enjoy and try some new ones such as yoga. If you are new to exerciseContinue reading “January 30 days Fitness Challenge”

The 30 days eat more Fiber challenge

Did you want to lose some weight but didn’t know how? Well here’s a good idea and I’m going to try this too. Have you been going to the toilet regularly? By that I mean by one in every few hours in a day! What does your poo look like? Is it hard like stoneContinue reading “The 30 days eat more Fiber challenge”

Melrose essential reds

I bought this on sale from Evelyn faye! Normally its $24.95 but with the 10% discount it is about $21. There is about 30 serves in that tub. Here you mix this with water and it becomes red. It looks like a campari as its dark red. It is meant to be beetroot powder whichContinue reading “Melrose essential reds”

Gym safety for new members

As new members we should learn about gym safety as it helps us to enjoy our workouts stress free and injury free Here are some tips: Tie long hair back. Long hair gets caught in the machinery and is really dangerous. Don’t do too much in your first few sessions especially if you haven’t beenContinue reading “Gym safety for new members”

What to wear for each activity

In January there are many new members at the gym as weight loss is their New Year’s resolution. So here are some things to wear at the gym and whilst you are out running. RPM (or Spin Cycle) I would wear my runners if you are brand new. But if you have been here forContinue reading “What to wear for each activity”

Finding the time to exercise

There is just #noexcuse for exercise, although time might be just one for busy people. We live in a 24 hour day. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do things let alone exercise. So we need to find time to do these things. You might have a disability, chronic illness or have children to attendContinue reading “Finding the time to exercise”

Morlife’s Goji berries

Morlife is a health food company that has been around for 27 years and are based in the Gold Coast. Their nutrition aims to be simple and is about letting food be thy medicine. Their products are backed by research. Morlife have quite a few products on the market now. One being goji berries. DidContinue reading “Morlife’s Goji berries”

Why you should vary your diet

How many different types of food do you eat in a week? Do you have some meals vegetarian, others with fish and others with meat? Having a varied diet is important as it gives your body all the minerals and vitamins that it needs to thrive. Oh and the risks of getting disease would beContinue reading “Why you should vary your diet”

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