How to earn some extra money for 2020 Christmas season

We talk about earning extra money as people always look for ways to earn extra money in time for Christmas on Google.

So many people are getting into debt this holiday season due to all the gifts and things that they have bought. Most people use their credit cards to buy purchases not realizing that there is a catch. Or they use Afterpay and can’t pay it off. Afterpay is a service where you get the item and pay it off later only that there are late fees for not paying on time.

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So here’s how to earn some money over the year

Teach and be involved in extra curricular activities

Is there something that you like to do? Maybe you can help new members at your gym and get paid to teach a few classes. Of course you would have to do the training but it would be worth it.

Do surveys

You can do surveys from Rewards Central and every time you do earn 1000 points you can get a gift card

Write blog posts for people

Maybe there’s somebody you like to guest post for! You might not earn a lot of money but you might earn the experience! Some pay as little as about $100 per article. Freelancer has a few jobs going at the moment. People post jobs to that site.

Do odd jobs for people

Airtasker and fiver have lots of odd jobs for people! You can do something for as little as $5 per task.

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