How to organise a stress free Christmas party

Its usually for a party of about 30-40 people. Parties of this nature are really stressful particularly if its an outdoor one. Hence we put together a few hints

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If you have any friends ask them to help you on the day. There are lots of things to be done. You would need someone to help with the parking, a few people to set up the marquee, someone to help with the drinks and food. Oh and you’d have to make sure that there is a portaloo somewhere for your guests to go to the bathroom.

What will you serve? A traditional Christmas party would involve turkey and seafood which has to be bought the day before (or two before). It would also involve roast potato and dessert. And then you have to think about canapes. Maybe someone can do the dessert and someone can do the canapes?

Oh you also need someone to help with the decorations. You should be thinking about that in early December. Do you want something simple? Or something more complicated? What about the Christmas tree? Do you have one from last year that you can use?

Oh and there are also the drinks too. You should have some non alcoholic beverages and just a little bit of alcohol. Don’t let people drink a lot of alcohol. You could restrict the alcohol to only just one one or two drinks and leave it at that. When people drink too much they get really stupid and some people get very aggressive.

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