How to reduce salt in your diet

We talk about reducing salt in our diet and how to do it!

We all need some salt in our diet. But most of the time we have too much salt and that is bad for you. According to a male consumes about 10.1g of salt per day and a female about 7.34g. We use salt to flavour our food.

Salt is found in most processed foods including these
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What happens when you eat too much salt?

  • You could develop high blood pressure which in turn increases your risk of a stroke or a heart attack
  • You could gain weight
  • You could be dehydrated

How much salt should we have?

According to the WHO we should have about 5g of salt per day. That is about one teaspoon. Some salt a day is good for you but don’t go too overboard. Salt is good for making sodium which regulates the blood pressure and the body’s fluids.

Here’s how to reduce salt

  • Limit takeaway foods- just have them once in a while
  • Don’t use salt (or if you must a pinch of salt is fine) in your cooking
  • Many of the Asian sauces like black bean and soy sauce have too much salt in them.
  • Limit fried foods. Most of the fried foods you get outside has too much salt in them
  • Limit processed chips. Instead why not make your own? You can do it in an airfryer and there are many recipes online for this.
  • Some of the breads you buy have salt in them. Why not make your own or check the label before you buy?
  • You should limit processed meats like ham and salami and other deli meats to just special occasions

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