Toothpaste and which ones to buy

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That is whilst you’re here in Melbourne for the marathon and if you run out. You can buy them at Coles on Elizabeth st near Flinders st station or in Melbourne Central. Now Coles is open from 6 or 7am in the morning and until 11pm or 12 midnight.

Some of my toothpastes have been supplied by Coles but others I had to pay for. I generally go for the $3- $4 ones on special as they work out more viable for me.

I also buy some of mine at Chemist Warehouse where the prices are low everyday. Again I go for the big $3-$4 ones as they are viable for me and can last a bit longer. Usually I get the Colgate toothpaste as they clean my teeth well and I need that for my gums to stay healthy.

Whitening toothpaste is about $8-$20 depending on which  brand you buy. You don’t really need them unless you want to look pretty for the photo and you have stains on your teeth.

Which would you buy?

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