The importance of a really good warm up

Warming up at the gym is really important for everyone. But more importantly its imperative for runners and people that are doing lots of cardio. Or playing a team sport such as netball.

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What is warm up?

Its the session before you start any cardio activities or heavy strength work at the gym. They consist of light activities that you can do to prepare for the session.

Why is it important?

Warming up helps to relax the muscles as well as prevent injury, such as hamstring strains and overuse injury. Warming up also allows us to be mentally prepared for the exercise as well being physically prepared for the activity. You should allow at least twenty to thirty minutes for warm up before running and ten minutes for other activities.

New Zealand ocean swim says that a good warm up can increase the suppleness of the muscle and increase power and efficiency of the exercising muscles.

My types of warm up are stretches, light weights, walking etc. Just something to keep the heart pumping and the muscles moving. When I was new to running I did not do any warm ups of any kind. I just wanted to go for it. But then I got a small ankle injury which then made me realise that I have to warm up before my runs. Thankfully I didn’t need a moon boot or be sidelined for a few weeks. And now I understand the importance of warming up.

What is your favourite way to warm up?

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