How to start a blog

Ever wanted to know how to start a blog. Ever wanted to put your business on a blog?

Many people ask me this question.

If so here’s how

You need to come with a meaningful title

A meaningful title should be about what your blog is about. You should also think about a problem statement and how you can solve the problem statement. To make SEO easier for search engines, your title should be about 70 characters long.

Which platform: WordPress, Wix, blogger, tumblr? You name it. They are all free.


How do you want your thing to look? There are so many different layouts and formulas that you can use and some of them suit you. Play with a few different ones and then you’ll find the right one for you. Think about where you’ll place pictures in your post.

You should also think about how you will share your posts. Will it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc?


Does the content provide some information to your readers about solving a problem. Does it relate to your problem statement. Is it addressed for your target audience?

Your domain

Your domain should be something which is unique to you. There are plenty of domain hosting services and some of them are cheap. WordPress includes free domain hosting with their business plan.

Google Analytics

You want to know who is reading your blog, whether its the elderly or the young office workers and what time they are reading it. You’d also want to know where they are from.

You’ll also want to know what search terms they used as this will help you create meaningful content.

Your about page

This is the page that people first go to when they click on your blog. They want to know what your blog is about. And they will want to know a bit about you and what your qualifications are.

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