How to earn some extra money for 2020 Christmas season

We talk about earning extra money as people always look for ways to earn extra money in time for Christmas on Google.

So many people are getting into debt this holiday season due to all the gifts and things that they have bought. Most people use their credit cards to buy purchases not realizing that there is a catch. Or they use Afterpay and can’t pay it off. Afterpay is a service where you get the item and pay it off later only that there are late fees for not paying on time.

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So here’s how to earn some money over the year

Teach and be involved in extra curricular activities

Is there something that you like to do? Maybe you can help new members at your gym and get paid to teach a few classes. Of course you would have to do the training but it would be worth it.

Do surveys

You can do surveys from Rewards Central and every time you do earn 1000 points you can get a gift card

Write blog posts for people

Maybe there’s somebody you like to guest post for! You might not earn a lot of money but you might earn the experience! Some pay as little as about $100 per article. Freelancer has a few jobs going at the moment. People post jobs to that site.

Do odd jobs for people

Airtasker and fiver have lots of odd jobs for people! You can do something for as little as $5 per task.

How to choose a gym

We talk about choosing the right gym as many people aim to be healthier and want to lose weight around this time!

There are several factors to choosing a gym and they are outlined here


How much can you afford for membership? The cost of membership is typically $14-$40 per week depending on the location and what is offered


The gym should be close to where live and work.

The staff

Are they qualified to help you? Do they know what to do in an emergency? Are they friendly and helpful?


What do you want to do at the gym? Do you want to do weights or cardio? Or both? Do you want nutrition seminars?

How to manage your energy a lot better

People complain and say that they don’t have enough energy in a day to do things. We only have 24 hours a day to do the things that we need to do. Eight of those hours should be spent asleep. If only there is a better way to manage your energy in a day. And we have a few tips and tricks to do that.

Avoid all caffeine after 12pm

Many people come into a cafe at 4pm or just after asking for a coffee. They are usually tired and need that pick me up. Did you know that, that 4pm pick me up takes about 7-8 hours to digest? By nighttime you won’t be ready to sleep

So its better to have your coffee just before 12pm each day and leave it at that? If you need a pick me up its probably better to have tea or a decaf coffee.

Too much caffeine and we will crash and burn a few hours later. Thus this causes us to have more coffee and processed foods for energy.


Its better for you if you go on a no added sugar diet. If you have too much sugar you will crash and burn afterwards and that’s not good for you. The odd cake or candy is ok for you every once in a while.

You should also cut back on the sugar in your coffee as that is no good to your energy levels and waistline.

Natural sugar on the other hand is good for you and contains the energy and vitamins that you need to get on with your day. Natural sugar can be found in things like fruits. But just don’t go overboard with this. Just 2-3 serves of fruits are enough for you.


We need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night. If you go to bed around 10pm-12am you’re likely to settle down into a deep REM.

A good night’s sleep can help perk us up for the next day and can help with weight loss efforts. Plus you’ll be able to do more the next day.

Eat unprocessed foods most days of the week

When you eat unprocessed foods most days of the week, your energy levels and moods are much better. And you won’t have that 3pm energy crash and burn as most unprocessed foods have the nutrients your body needs for it to survive

What to do with linseed

We talk about Linseed and the benefits of that here!

I got this packet of Linseed free from the Fitness show. They normally are about $5 at Chemist Warehouse. With Linseed we can do lots of things.

So what is linseed?

They are the seeds of the Flax plant which means that it is good for heart health. Some people have Omega 3 deficiency and Linseed can help them with that deficiency.

The health benefits of Linseed

“It is said that it The benefits of linseed have been recommended in the treatment of constipation predominate Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) for some time, and with great results. However, the health benefits of these little seeds stretch beyond their use in treating IBS to; improving digestive function, reducing bloating, preventing constipation, improving blood cholesterol levels & heart health, reducing the symptoms of the menopause and possibly improving insulin sensitivity & blood glucose control. There’s a lot of goodness packed into those tiny seeds!” (The Internet Dietician)

Fibre- most of us are not having the recommended amount daily that we need to. We should be having about 31g of fiber daily. Having lots of fiber can help regulate bowel movements as well as feel fuller for longer. Fiber is important for protecting us from bowel cancer, constipation and diarrhea. It helps regulate bowel movement so that we have enough of the number 1s and 2s each day.

Omega 3- linseed has a lot of Omega 3 in there which means that it is good for heart health. They are great for vegetarians who don’t get much omega 3 from their diet. They are also good for the Alpha-Linolenic Acid which our bodies cannot make and we must get it from food. These essential fatty acids help protect us from heart disease.

How to use it?

Simply add one tablespoon of it to your salads, yoghurt, smoothies, a rice dish you name it. They don’t have a lot of taste so its best not to eat this one on its own. If you make your own bread they can also be added into your bread mixture for some yummy wholegrain bread.

Do buy linseed from all good health food stores and Chemist Warehouse!

Why I love Tasti balls

Tasti balls have been around for quite some time. They are a New Zealand company so their food would not have to have travelled many miles to get to our shores.

They are full of whole food goodness. You can take them everywhere

Their balls are flavoursome and have natural sugar in them. The sugar comes from the dates. They have soy protein which is good for people that have lactose intolerance. Here you can find them in the health food aisle of your local supermarket.

Bega Peanut butter

We got this item at Cheaper Buy miles and am loving it so far. We have made satay sticks and had it on toast.

They have lots of potassium in it which is great for runners as well as good fats from the peanuts. They have no added sugar unlike what you would find in Kraft peanut butter blends.

You can put it in a sandwich or you can make satay with it. We made satay with it and it was quite nice.

Saving water and how to do it

We write about this education campaign that has been playing at the gym for some time

Melbourne has started its Target 155 campaign in order to save water. We should target 155L each day as a whole to save water.

So why save water?

Our farmers in Australia are already struggling as Australia has a drought in most rural places. Most rural towns don’t have any water and we don’t get a lot of rain down here. One day the big cities will dry up. Its just a matter of time.

So here are some hints on saving water

Take shorter showers

Use a timer when you are in the shower and time yourself. You should set the timer to about five minutes max.

Turn the water off whilst you are brushing your teeth

Use half flush when possible

Wash only full loads of clothes

Magnesium Calcium and D3

I got this Magnesium for $11 at Chemist Warehouse where they are normally priced at $27.

I am a 35 year old lady and eat calcium on a daily basis. But sometimes due to my heavy flows I lose a bit of bone density and hence my performance suffers a bit. During my period, I am often lactose intolerant and I throw up my milk sometimes as it tastes like latex. During my period, my stomach is sensitive to milk.

As runners we need lots of calcium to keep our bones strong. I worry about losing my bone density.

We tried the Magnesium for about 30 days. The bottle contains 120 tablets and we need to take this twice a day. We took one in the morning and one at night.

The next time around my flow is still very heavy. And I still lost a bit of bone and was not as strong that week. But I slept much better and my muscles recovered after a workout.

Proud & Punch ice creams.

We bought these ice creams from IGA for about $5

These ice creams have no added sugar in them and are good for a summer treat. Every summer people go for the sugary ice creams and that is no good for them.

I know that these are not cheap but they are much better for your health. I have gotten them free a few times and I have to admit that I loved the taste of real fruit and coconut. And they are about 80 calories each. Another bonus for those that are trying to be healthy

Flexibility and why its important to improve this

We talk about why we should improve flexibility.

What is flexibility?

Flexibility is about movement and the quality of bending easily without breaking. Wikipedia defines it as: “Flexibility or limberness refers to the range of movement in a joint or series of joints, and length in muscles that cross the joints to induce a bending movement or motion. Flexibility varies between individuals, particularly in terms of differences in muscle length of multi-joint muscles. Flexibility in some joints can be increased to a certain degree by exercise, with stretching a common exercise component to maintain or improve flexibility. “

As we age we lose some muscle mass. After 35 years our muscle mass decreases.

We need to improve flexibility for balance especially for long distance runners. One way to do this is by touching your toes. Both standing up and sitting is a great idea.

If you are inflexible you cannot move much. Even tying your shoelaces would be difficult. You cannot be more efficient as a person.

Also balancing on the BOSU ball is another great idea. You can buy the BOSU ball from any sports store.Here’s how to do it on Youtube

Another one is the TRX workout where you can try some different things and increase your flexibility. These straps cost anywhere from $20-$199

Do try these to improve flexibility.