Keep your blood pressure in check

We talk about why it is important to get your blood pressure checked!

Too much salt and sugar plus fats can cause it. Photo by Pixabay on

What is blood pressure?

“Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps it around your body. It’s a vital part of how your heart and circulation works. “( quote from The Heart Foundation)

Blood pressure goes up and down all the time, depending on what the body needs and what you are doing. High blood pressure is not normal.

High blood pressure causes heart disease, cardiovascular disease and strokes. So if you are overweight there is a high chance of getting these. You can’t feel blood pressure, hence it is a good idea to get it checked yearly.

Many overweight and sedentary office workers may have high blood pressure. But it also can run in the family.

It is common for people over 60 years to have this

What is a normal blood pressure?

The normal blood pressure is about 120/80mmHg. Blood pressure that is higher than 139/89mmHg is not normal and can lead to heart disease.

How do I get this checked?

If you are a member at your local gym you can usually check it for free sometimes when they have their free body scanning days. You can also get it checked at Priceline at the Sisu Health and Wellness station.

Other times you may need to make an appointment with your GP. They sometimes may do bulk billing if it is a general consultation. You should do a yearly check up with your GP

What if I have high blood pressure?

You should see your GP as they can treat you for it

Some tips on preventing it

  • Cut back on all the salty food. Salty food is usually food court or restaurant food
  • Exercise every day whether its going for a walk or the gym
  • We should do 10000 steps a day- this can be incidental exercise or a walk around the block. Office workers could visit their colleagues at their desk rather than emailing. Office workers could also have walking meetings instead of meetings in a cafe.

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