Ever After

Ever After is one of my favourite movies. I rented it on Youtube which unfortunately is not a part of my phone plan.

It is narrated by the great Dame and the Brothers Grimm. The painting of danielle was talked about. Danielles life as Cinderella was told. She wanted a life of freedom.

Drew Barrymore stars as Danielle. She is gorgeous and she stands up for what she believes in. Drew is really with playing characters that are courageous and fight for what they believe in. Anjelica Houston is the evil baroness Rodmilla.

Once upon a time a young Danielle and her father lived in this beautiful house. Her father was kind and was always travelling. One day he brought home the stepmother and two stepsisters (Marguerite and Jacqueline). They lived happily for a while until he left for his travels. Then the father falls ill and dies on the road. After that the baroness takes over the house and sells Maurice, Danielle’s favourite servant. Ten years later Danielle gets him back with the money the prince gave him

Baroness Rodmilla is so mean to Danielle. She made Danielle do all the chores and berates her at the ball. She sells Danielle off to the baron and Danielle breaks free from him. In the end the Baroness and her stepdaughter gets punished. Jacqueline was the only one that was nice out of the two sisters.

Danielle falls in love with the prince after he stole her horse. He didn’t want to be king at first. They end up having a good time.

So how can we relate to this story?

In the real world there are a lot of mean people such as a greedy landlord or your boss. We should stick up for ourselves and be happy. Our happiness counts too.

Before you marry someone you should live together with them and see how they are. They should respect your happiness and your life values and you should respect theirs.

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