Being different and why its a good thing

Being different is great. If we are all the same then we would all be boring and life would be no fun. People should accept us for who we are, whether disability or not. Some people’s disabilities are invisible. We should not be discriminated against just because we are different.

Everyone is unique and everyone has different talents. You just have to find yours! There is no such thing as being normal. What’s normal to you might not be normal for someone else.

I would hate to live in the countryside as all the people would be the same like on London’s EastEnders.

In Strictly ballroom Scott did something that no one else would and that is to accept Fran and dance paso doble. Scott didn’t win the championship but he had fun!

Being different is a good conversation starter. People can have a long conversation about something as we all have different opinions about things. People don’t like a lot of small talk.

If we are all the same, people we would make enemies as people love someone who is different in character and likes.

Being different means learning boundaries and saying no to things that don’t align with our values. We can say no to our bosses without fear of being judged. We can also bring some good ideas up at work.

Being different means that we should accept ourselves for who we are not how we look or weigh. Weight doesn’t matter to someone, its just a number on the scales.

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