Working out over the holidays

We are nearly in the holiday season, which means taking a holiday to somewhere that you have never been before and not working out as much. Every year people go on holidays just to get away from it all.

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So how would you handle it?

Research the place and see if they have any gyms around. If they do they usually would have a casual rate and so you can go in and workout. If the hotel has a gym, go workout in there. The gym at your hotel maybe covered in your rental rate or you might have to pay another small fee.

For Fitness First members there are gyms all over Australia and any Platinum and Titanium members can workout in those.

Bring your own TRX strap and resistance bands. That way you can workout in your room.

Go for a run at somewhere new. Going to a new place means trying a new path. Better yet why not sign up for a race in that neighbourhood? It’s an awesome way to explore with lots of other people.

Do a walking tour. Walking tours are a way to explore new things. You can Google “walking tours” online

If you have a bike and your airline allows your bike, why not go on a cycling tour of the city and the countryside? Cycling is popular in Melbourne as it is in Europe. In Melbourne you can rent bikes from the Bike Share stands around the city. All you need is a helmet which you can rent at 7/11.

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