Oatmeal is good for you as a runner. Why? It’s because of the low gi and carbohydrate thing. It is low in Gi and has many slow releasing carbs to get you through the day. They also have lots of iron. You can enjoy it on its own or with some dried fruits or molasses.

They also have a lot of insoluble fiber which means that all the waste will go past your digestive system and out through the GI tract. This means that it will be excreted as waste.


We love the Quick Oats at home as they take around 1.20mins in the microwave to make and you just add milk to it. We don’t like to add white sugar to ours as it is refined sugar. We love a thing called molasses. It is a natural sugar brown liquid which has a fair bit of iron in there.

The other thing that I also like is to have my oatmeal in a shake such as the oatmeal sultana cookie.

Do buy them during winter at all major supermarkets


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