Top five reasons to add fiber to your day

I got the idea from Laura Ford Nutrition who says that adding fiber is important. We should be having 31-35g of fiber per day. We can have fiber with our breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinner. Legumes count as fiber.

There are three types of fiber

  • Insoluble fiber- this fiber passes through the digestive system and becomes waste which gets excreted throughout the urine and poos. This fiber is found in nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit with the skin on, oat bran and unprocessed grains
  • Soluble fiber- this fiber absorbs water and forms a gel which slows down the digestive process, making you feel fuller for longer. It is found in most nuts, seeds, oat bran and some fruits and vegetables
  • Resistant starch- this starch is important for good bowel health as it feeds into the good gut bacteria. It them forms a chain of short fatty acids which protects you from bowel cancer. You can find it in foods like potato, rice, bananas and unprocessed grains.

Five reasons why we should add more fiber to our day

Fiber helps to manage weight

Fiber helps us feel fuller for longer, so we don’t need to eat as much. High fiber foods makes meals more fulfilling as they delay the emptying of the stomach. So try a salad with sausages at home instead of bread or you could do a bean curry.

Fiber helps to pass a motion.

Without fiber we would not be able to pass a motion. For some people it takes about 2 days just to do a poo. These people probably aren’t eating enough fiber. If you increase your fiber intake you can increase your transit times and be able to pass a motion more easily.

You would not be so constipated.

Reduces the risk of disease

If we don’t have enough fiber we run the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease. For Heart health we should be having enough soluble fiber each day as this helps with the production of the short chain fatty acids. Resistant starch is necessary for avoiding bowel cancer

Improves blood sugar levels

Our blood sugar levels should be stable all the time to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. If we don’t eat enough fiber our blood sugars will spike from all the junk food that we are eating.


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