Lets talk about being Environmentally conscious

A company would use lots of packaging to send products.

Annually we waste about 10000 tonnes of packaging each year and that rate keeps on increasing each year. Only a third of Australians recycle packaging according to the Guardian.

Just recently I bought a bottle of valarian online from Blackmores and then I had to pay about $8 for shipping. When it came it came in a box thats way too big for the bottle and it had all this paper around it. It was really hard to open as it had all this packaging tape around it.

And they say fragile? What the? With all this paper surely it wouldn’t break. And then more plastic wrap that I had to untangle. When I throw the plastic wrap out I’m scared that it would be blown away and some animal could eat it, choke on it and could die.

Now i would have been happier if they just put it in a satchel that’s sold by Australia Post and has the bubble wrap. Even better is if they select a number of stores that people can pick up at. The big companies such as Myer all do that! And then people don’t have to pay for shipping.

In the new year companies and consumers should be educated about packaging waste.

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