Health issues for real estate workers

We talk about health issues for real estate workers.

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Real estate workers have a high pressure job. They earn on commission and they have to work on the weekends selling properly.

Real estate workers always have their own car as they have to drive to a clients property. Or they might drive a company car. Hence they don’t always get the exercise that they need.

They have to hammer the “for Sale signs” in people’s yard. Hence they get muscular skeletal injuries from overuse of their shoulder.

They have to have good knowledge about sales and the property market. Hence they have to spend time in doing research about the property market in that area.

This is a high stress job which leaves not much for family time.They work by themselves outside of the office, hence the psychological injures. They work everywhere from at home, in the car or at the office. They don’t stop work until the job on the clients property is done. They have to respond to the client, view their property and then market it.

On top of that they have to meet other professionals such as the photographer. Hence they experience high stress when its the busy season which is in May to September.

How should they deal with it

  • Manage your workload and tasks- don’t take on more than what you can handle even though you can get a higher amount of money that way.
  • Do the job in the set time and leave some time for family and yourself each day
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Take time out to destress
  • Take your breaks and make sure that you get them
  • If you are in the city, see if you can get some places that are close to the office so that you don’t have to drive far. You can just walk there.

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