Snacktracker the App

We were invited to the launch party at The Ascot Lot.

They are an app in where you find the trucks that are closest to you. This is good for when you are hungry or wanting some fried food.

Here you sign up and I signed up via Facebook and they tell you where all the trucks are each night. But there is one problem with the app and it is that it keeps stopping and crashing whenever you want to see the menu.

Here at the launch party i got a free vegetarian pizza, donuts and cheese jaffle. The donut was gluten free but the rest wasnt. The wait for pizzas was about half an hour and the service at nicolettes was very unorganized. They had no idea as to whose pizza was whose.

There were a few people and dogs. I got to pat a few dogs. Oh and there was a huge platter of canapes inside where the main bar is!

You order and pay and then they call your name when the order is ready.

The donuts were quite nice. They were sweet but not sweet

The jaffles were the first to come and they were really cheesey which was nice.

After a thirty minute wait and a few times of asking, my pizza did arrive and it was yummy. It had artichokes, pesto, feta, tomato, mushrooms and onions. The base was heavenly. The made it using a wood fire oven.

Do download the app from Google Play and iTunes

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