Sacred Heart Mission

I was given a $25 voucher for this place

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Sacred Heart Mission is a charity that helps the homeless. Here they provide meals and housing for those that are poor. I was given the voucher to spend in their stores where the poor and vulnerable hangs out.

But I collected my voucher from the St Kilda headquarters where food is provided for the poor.

Ever since the Gatwick closed on Fitzroy st there has been a little bit of violence

And they have a great many Op shops. People donate unwanted goods to their op shop during opening hours. Also businesses donate things too.

I went to the one in Windsor where it was really friendly. Here I bought two books and a headset. The headset was from Typo. I would have bought clothes but they smelt a bit and as for shoes they didn’t have my size.

Everything is priced from $1-$200. The store in Windsor sells furniture at that price. There are a lot of DVD’s there. As this is an op shop there are not many electronic items there, but you can donate them if you want. It just has to be in good working condition.

The guy that served me was really nice and very friendly. The stores are run by the friendly volunteers who are happy to help you.

Ever since the City of Stonnington allowed dogs into stores, the store at Chapel st welcomed friendly dogs.

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