What to expect in your first RPM class

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There are a lot of new people that comes to my RPM classes each week. I’m no instructor at these classes but am a member of Fitness first which offers them. The instructors are lovely people and they know what they are doing.

Be on time to your class or come early. Back in my early days I came to class fifteen minutes late and it was not fun. They do have a policy of not letting anyone in who is late.

They also have a policy about mobile phone use.

So what is indoor cycling or RPM?

It is where you are on a stationary bike for 30-60 mins depending on the class. It is a calorie burning class. In a usual class you would burn about 300-600 calories or even more. Some of it is high intensity and others is regular RPM. There are hills, speed work, attacks, intervals and other things. You start off with a warm up though.

If you are new to RPM you don’t have to stay for the whole class. You can leave after the 30 minute mark

What do I wear to RPM?

Runners or cycling shoes if you have and your gym gear. The gym has a policy of not letting anyone wear open toed shoes (ie: thongs)! Do wear shorts and a t-shirt as its bound to get very sweaty in there.

Some people prefer to wear a heart rate monitor though to help them track their fitness, but you don’t have to do that if its your first class.

What do I need to bring to RPM?

Nothing except yourself, a bottle of water, towel and a great attitude. It is encourage that you leave your phone outside or in your locker.

What do I expect of the instructors?

The instructors are lovely and very friendly and they don’t bite. So feel free to ask them anything before the class or after the class. And do sit up the front.

They do have different styles of teaching RPM though. Some of them talk about form and are more energetic and others are less so.

If you are new to class, the instructors will help you set up your bike. You should not have the seat too high or too low. You should have the handlebars at a comfortable level, ie not too close or too far. If you are prone to lean on the handlebars, you should have them a bit higher.

Don’t feel intimidated by the other members that are working hard. They have been there for a while and know what they are doing. Just go at your own pace and enjoy the ride.

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