Things that coaches do that promote disordered eating

There are things that coaches do that promotes disordered eating. That is unintentionally.

Here they are:

Show before and after pictures

They show them on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and wherever else they promote. They promote these to advertise their services and why people should go with them. These pictures may trigger some sort of an anxiety attack in people and we should be all happier for who were are not what we look like. For some people it brings about more pressure for them to lose the weight and then they won’t eat or exercise too much.

Complimenting weight loss

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When someone walks in to the gym and they look like they have lost a huge amount of weight they say “oh you look great” and “you look like you lost a lot of weight!” They also ask the question of how much did you lose and how. Instead they should compliment on effort rather than the weight loss. Weight loss and looks are not important to a clients health. You could be big but healthy.

Giving out diet plans to clients without allowing for cheat days

Most diet plans should have some sort of cheat day where people can eat what they want and not feel guilty about it.

Some of the diet plans eliminate whole food groups and that is detrimental to a client’s health. For example to tell someone to eliminate dairy is just wrong. Yes we should eliminate all added sugars and fats (ie: trans fats and some saturated fats)

Asking about a clients diet without permission

Some people might not feel open to talking about their diet due to shame. Instead they should let the client talk about their diet freely. And if they don’t want to talk about it, leave it at that.

They don’t eat their food in front of clients

When they don’t eat their food in front of clients, it makes the clients feel shameful about food. We should be promoting a healthy eating diet by eating in front of people at the gym, not behind a closed door.

We should be connecting to clients with healthy food. I sometimes bring in cake and other things to share but they don’t want to share it with me. The staff would rather eat it behind closed doors in fear that it would upset the clients.

I recommend that they eat cake and things out in the open.

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