Anne Frank the whole story

Anne Frank the Whole story is based on Anne Frank’s Diary in 1940. It’s a powerful mini series starring Ben Kingsley. The series is on Youtube and it is captivating. The series is about 3 hours altogether.

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Here it is set in Amsterdam and the performances are powerful as. It started out with Anne being as happy as and enjoying life with her friends and her thirteenth birthday.

Then after that everything changed. The family hides in the secret annex after having being summoned to a work camp. The story is quite moving in many ways.

Its a story about an innocent girl being caught up in the war and having to go into hiding. Its in two parts. The first part is about life in the annex which was quiet and uneventful. Here it explores the relationships between people. The family have helpers who are faithful such as Miep (played Lilli Taylor), Bep, Mr Kuegler and Mr Kleiman. The second part talks about the camps that Anne goes to and her last days of her life. She wants to grow up and she falls in love with Peter.

She wants freedom and innocence. She wants to be a woman.

Hannah Taylor’s performance of Annie is quite powerful and uplifting. When the movie was made, she was just a child. Anne kept the family together along with her father. When she was being sent to the work camp, she was quite positive.

Brenda Blethlyn was good as the selfish, conceited wife who is always bickering about everything and anything. Auguste Van Pels always bickered with her husband and it caused some tension in the family.

Edith Frank was not quite as positive of the outcome and she believed that they will not live until the end of the war

Ben Kingsley’s performance of the father was quite humbling. The father was the most positive character of all the people. He was the bond that make sure that the family stayed together.

After the war he established the Anne Frank Foundation along with his helpers, Miep, Bep and others.

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