Why competitive dieting is the most dangerous

We talk about why competitive dieting is bad for you!

We all want to lose weight and learn healthier habits. At some point or another we all go these competitive diets and we compete with other people. This can be quite dangerous.

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What is competitive dieting?

Competitive dieting is about losing weight together as a team and the person that loses the most weight wins a cash prize. Think ie: the Biggest Loser. People go on these TV shows just to lose weight. The same thing goes on in gyms and in workplaces. People sign up for them in the Springtime hoping to lose weight by Summer. It often goes for a specified amount of time eg. six weeks.

At the gym they sell them for $40-$99 and there is a cash prize for the person that loses the most weight. That is how new trainers get their feet in the door.

These diets are quite restrictive, ie you cannot go out with friends because they always want to go to restaurants and pubs.

I only did a six week challenge or two to learn lots of different ways to eat healthy. I didn’t expect anything in return. You are not going to learn these healthier habits in six weeks and new ones as well. They take a lifetime to achieve.

Why is it bad?

Its bad because:

  • After you finish you put more weight back because you want to eat a lot of those bad foods. Over time you develop fatty liver
  • Which will then lead to an increased risk of diabetes and other health problems.
  • It can lead to muscle loss especially if you don’t eat the right amount of foods
  • A lot of diets cause frustration especially if they are difficult to follow
  • Short term diets prevents you from forming and learning some healthier habits to keep your weight down.
  • You’ll never learn about dining out whilst being healthy and enjoying that ocassional treat

What should we do about it?

  • Don’t go on them. Instead learn some healthier habits and approaches to life.
  • Learn to love yourself for who you are and not what you look like.
  • Learn to love food and eat in moderation
  • Don’t buy these competitive diets- they are a waste of money.

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