The Fitness Show 2019

The Fitness show was on at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and it was $30 to get in. But if you work for the health and fitness industry its free.

Here I learnt lots of new ideas that I can bring back to my gym and also got a new skipping rope to play with. And I also won lots of freebies by simply scanning in the QR code from your ticket.

I learnt that sleep and recovery plays a big part in losing weight. Here everyone got a free yoghurt and a free Halo top ice cream. The Halo top was 110 calories and it was awesome. I enjoyed the strawberry one. We need about 6-8 hours of optimal sleep every night. Also everyone gets stressed at some point in their lifestyles, hence stress sabotages your recovery.It takes about one year for the body to get used to a new training regime, especially marathon training.

The moves by Dan Conn were awesome. They were so awesome that I began to implement them at my gym. In fact Dan inspired me to take up boxing as another activity and game changer. We need to have a few game changers in our exercise routine so as to not get bored by the same thing.

We should also get a body scan if you can as they can tell you about areas to improve and where you did well. The guys at Evolve 360 were there and they did an amazing job doing everyone’s body scans. You can download this app online.

Of course there were all the muscle beaches and body physique awards, but we weren’t here for those. Instead we were here for all the new technologies and foods as well as learn some new moves. There are these protein meals and protein waters but I never like them much. Oh and this year they gave away lots of free protein bars, something which they never did in previous years.

The ROB Forte’s competition was fun to watch. Here I aim to do this next year. You have to do handstands and lift about 70-95kgs for females and more for males.

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