Monster Museli

Monster Health is a brand that specialises in gluten free breakfasts as well as nut free things. They make muesli such as the Monster Muesli.

Their range is not available at Coles and Woolies which is how I did not discover them until the Gluten free expo

I got the pack for $10 at the Gluten free expo which includes two bags of muesli and two bags of quick breakfast foods. I really needed that as we have no breakfast at home.

Here they really tasted quite nice and I enjoyed the fact that they had no sugar in them.

You can enjoy them hot or cold and with chia seeds for that extra fiber. They have a lot of crunch in them from the rice flakes. They use rice instead of oats.

The muesli can be easily digested and for someone who has some digestion problems around their period it works.

The two quick breakfast bags were quite easy to eat from, although getting the milk in them can be quite tricky. I made a mess out of it a few times as I was doing it at the station where there were no tables. I had bought a small carton of milk each time to make breakfast on the run.

You can buy them online here. Or they are at selected IGA and health food stores.

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