Australian Sports nutrition

We talk about the chain store here.

Australian Sports Nutrition is a chain store that serves runners and avid gym goers alike. They have quite a few stores in Australia and one in the city.

They sell protein powders and supplements from the major brands as well fun snacks which have a lot of protein in them such as the cake pops.

We bought the scan and the shake deal online. It was a $29 Groupon deal. I picked Richmond as that one is close to the gym and the staff are always friendly.

And we enjoy dealing with them in Richmond. Here the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I have bought many things from them before. The staff explain the scan results after you have had your scan. And they recommend certain things too such as protein.

This store is always busy. The staff are happy to help you with whatever problems you may have.

The scan went for a few minutes but it’s important to get scanned as you’ll want to know about your muscle and water levels as well as your body fat. You’ll want to know which areas of your health that you’d want to work on.

And then they recommend you coming in for a scan every four to six weeks free of charge. Then that way you can see how well you are doing.

Do come by if you want some advice and a scan at: 161 Swan Street, Richmond Victoria 3121

You can have a look at their supplements here.

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