Black Friday fun

Black friday is the day after Thanksgiving and here they have loads of deals. And a fun treasure hunt at Melbourne central!

The line for the hunt was long and some things such as fresh and co they charged for the juice, when everything should be free as it is about businesses promoting things

Here they also have free drinks and black foods. We tried Gyoza Gyoza welcome drink with Asahi and agedashi tofu. We bought the asahi ourselves. The welcome drink was a mocktail. And then we tried a red pinot from Aesop.

Lastly we tried a chocolate tart at The Strand. It was sweet and decadent. But you had to sign up for their newsletter

Ever After

Ever After is one of my favourite movies. I rented it on Youtube which unfortunately is not a part of my phone plan.

It is narrated by the great Dame and the Brothers Grimm. The painting of danielle was talked about. Danielles life as Cinderella was told. She wanted a life of freedom.

Drew Barrymore stars as Danielle. She is gorgeous and she stands up for what she believes in. Drew is really with playing characters that are courageous and fight for what they believe in. Anjelica Houston is the evil baroness Rodmilla.

Once upon a time a young Danielle and her father lived in this beautiful house. Her father was kind and was always travelling. One day he brought home the stepmother and two stepsisters (Marguerite and Jacqueline). They lived happily for a while until he left for his travels. Then the father falls ill and dies on the road. After that the baroness takes over the house and sells Maurice, Danielle’s favourite servant. Ten years later Danielle gets him back with the money the prince gave him

Baroness Rodmilla is so mean to Danielle. She made Danielle do all the chores and berates her at the ball. She sells Danielle off to the baron and Danielle breaks free from him. In the end the Baroness and her stepdaughter gets punished. Jacqueline was the only one that was nice out of the two sisters.

Danielle falls in love with the prince after he stole her horse. He didn’t want to be king at first. They end up having a good time.

So how can we relate to this story?

In the real world there are a lot of mean people such as a greedy landlord or your boss. We should stick up for ourselves and be happy. Our happiness counts too.

Before you marry someone you should live together with them and see how they are. They should respect your happiness and your life values and you should respect theirs.

Keep your blood pressure in check

We talk about why it is important to get your blood pressure checked!

Too much salt and sugar plus fats can cause it. Photo by Pixabay on

What is blood pressure?

“Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps it around your body. It’s a vital part of how your heart and circulation works. “( quote from The Heart Foundation)

Blood pressure goes up and down all the time, depending on what the body needs and what you are doing. High blood pressure is not normal.

High blood pressure causes heart disease, cardiovascular disease and strokes. So if you are overweight there is a high chance of getting these. You can’t feel blood pressure, hence it is a good idea to get it checked yearly.

Many overweight and sedentary office workers may have high blood pressure. But it also can run in the family.

It is common for people over 60 years to have this

What is a normal blood pressure?

The normal blood pressure is about 120/80mmHg. Blood pressure that is higher than 139/89mmHg is not normal and can lead to heart disease.

How do I get this checked?

If you are a member at your local gym you can usually check it for free sometimes when they have their free body scanning days. You can also get it checked at Priceline at the Sisu Health and Wellness station.

Other times you may need to make an appointment with your GP. They sometimes may do bulk billing if it is a general consultation. You should do a yearly check up with your GP

What if I have high blood pressure?

You should see your GP as they can treat you for it

Some tips on preventing it

  • Cut back on all the salty food. Salty food is usually food court or restaurant food
  • Exercise every day whether its going for a walk or the gym
  • We should do 10000 steps a day- this can be incidental exercise or a walk around the block. Office workers could visit their colleagues at their desk rather than emailing. Office workers could also have walking meetings instead of meetings in a cafe.

Feed Appeal’s shout lunch and why you should get involved

We talk about giving back to charities

Feed Appeal will be having their shout lunch event on the 12th of December and it’s a potluck style lunch in your workplace. Here you donate the cost of what you normally spend outside for lunch to Feed Appeal so that they can keep up the good work in supporting the charities that support the homeless

What is Feed Appeal?

Feed Appeal is a charity that supports other charities to make the most of rescued food.

What have Feed Appeal been doing this year?

They issued grants to a few homeless charities so that they can buy the neccessary equipment to better serve the homeless community. This community is growing by the day due to rising rents and low wages.

What do I bring to this potluck style lunch?

Anything you like and a donation that you would normally spend on lunch. You could bring salad, chips, a meat dish, anything really.

How do I get involved?

You just simply sign up online or at your workplace if they are running one.

Does eating junk food all the time cause depression?

We talk about this important health issue!

Photo by Pixabay on

I say it does and most people according to this report gets pills from the pharmacy. Pharmacies find that selling pills is much more convenient and it earns them a profit. But in actual fact eating good food helps lessen the risk of depression.

There are many pills for depression out there on the market. All it does is require for you to hand over some money and buy them. Most of them require you to visit a GP and get a prescription.

But what if depression can be prevented?

In the Western American and Australian diet we eat too much processed foods hence the rate of depression is high.

For some people giving up their junk food and having healthy food, might seem like a chore if they have been so long on it. But you don’t have to go all cold turkey at once. You can still have the occasional outside meal.

Are junk food and depression related?

Mayo Clinic says that they are, but there needs to be more research done about this topic. There were some studies done about these at the University of Melbourne and Britain. In Britain 3000 office workers were surveyed over five years and it was found that those that ate lots of junk food had higher rates of depression. In the University of Melbourne about 1000 participants between the ages of 20-39 were surveyed and they had the same result.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has been around for some time and it includes organic fruits and vegetables. Its low in meat and dairy. The alcohol intake is quite low too. The Mediterranean diet includes olive oil, fish, seafood and nuts. The American Medical Association supports this diet by saying that there is a 30% reduction in depression and anxiety for those that are on this diet.

But we should have more fruits and vegetables, as this can improve your health and wellbeing. It aids in weight loss as well. You won’t find the answer in a pill or a supplement bottle. Instead you’ll find it in your fridge and pantry.

Hungry Jacks new Vegan burger

Does vegan mean healthy? We review the new burger. The review was up on Mind Body Miko and we loved the review.

We got the new burger for dinner at the Hungry Jacks outside the gym. Being vegan is meant to have no calcium and not that much fat. And it’s also meant to be plant based

I was craving takeaway food that day. It was National Cheeseburger day.

The burger was wrapped in lots of paper and put into a paper bag with waay too many napkins. Surely this can’t be good for the environment.

The burger itself was huge and I struggled a bit to finish. There was cheese in the burger which looked like it was non vegan. The burger was 645 calories each. Wow. That much.  The bun was a bit on the dry side though, even though its meant to be soft. The bun was also sweet.

The only good thing I can say about this is the onions and the tomato. There honestly wasn’t a lot of lettuce. They must be trying to cut costs. The burger costed $7.20.

The burger tasted bland. Some people like more sauce but for me this was fine. The patty was ok.

I probably wouldn’t buy this again, but if I did I would buy it without the chips as they are not vegan. And the drinks are too sweet. Its 2019 surely Hungry Jacks can do vegan chips and other vegan dishes?

Verdict: go elsewhere like Grill’d for your burgers


We all feel loniliness at some time whether its after someone died or you lost a job. But you can get back on your feet and there are ways to do that.

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Loniliness makes us do crazy things and its one of life’s killers. Other than smoking. When you are lonely you feel depressed and anxious. Some people also become suicidal and we lose people because of that.

You could join a club or start one yourself. Why not start a book club if you like to read books or start a running club and they meet a few times a week? Or you could be kind at this time of the year and give back to people, whether it would be a charity or two. There is always another lonely soul down there at this time of the year.

If you lost your job try and find another one. Or start one yourself and then hire people! The more the merrier. The government won’t do anything to try and help low income earners to find a job.

Or you could join the gym and make it a social thing. You could go to the group classes and get to know people before and after the class

Whatever there is, there is always something you could do to get out of this hole! You won’t be in this hole for long!

Being different and why its a good thing

Being different is great. If we are all the same then we would all be boring and life would be no fun. People should accept us for who we are, whether disability or not. Some people’s disabilities are invisible. We should not be discriminated against just because we are different.

Everyone is unique and everyone has different talents. You just have to find yours! There is no such thing as being normal. What’s normal to you might not be normal for someone else.

I would hate to live in the countryside as all the people would be the same like on London’s EastEnders.

In Strictly ballroom Scott did something that no one else would and that is to accept Fran and dance paso doble. Scott didn’t win the championship but he had fun!

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The health benefits of beetroot juice

Here are the health benefits of beetroot juice now that it is nearly summer. People want to lose weight before summer.

alcohol berry beverage citrus

Photo by Pixabay on

Beetroot is a root vegetable and it takes all its nutrients from the soil. You can buy them whole and then cook them. They can be put in salads or eaten on its own.

But here we will talk about beetroot juice which is made in a food processor after you buy them whole and make it into a juice. We will not talk about those commercial ones as they have too much sugar in them.

If you can’t buy them whole, you can also buy them in a powdered form from your local health food store and just add water to it.

Some health benefits of beetroot juice.

Helps lower blood pressure for those that are overweight.

If you are overweight you will have high blood pressure. Beetroot provides a lot of fiber. Beetroot has a lot of minerals and antioxidants that are essential to your health such as magnesium.

Supports weight loss

Beetroot is a vegetable and as you know any vegetable is good for you. If you make it at home they will be low in calories and can assist in getting rid of the waste that is in your system. Beetroot is a soluble fiber.

Improves exercise stamina

Beetroot juice is a must for those athletes and gym goers alike as it provides them with energy and nitrate for them to perform well in training and races. I have tried beetroot juice once and it helped increase my performance during my training run.

Good source of potassium

We as runners need potassium for recovery. Beetroot juice has 266mg of potassium.

Keeps diabetes at bay as it includes better glucose control.

Supports heart health

Beetroot has magnesium and iron and if you make it at home you can enjoy these nutrients.


Oatmeal is good for you as a runner. Why? It’s because of the low gi and carbohydrate thing. It is low in Gi and has many slow releasing carbs to get you through the day. They also have lots of iron. You can enjoy it on its own or with some dried fruits or molasses.

They also have a lot of insoluble fiber which means that all the waste will go past your digestive system and out through the GI tract. This means that it will be excreted as waste.


We love the Quick Oats at home as they take around 1.20mins in the microwave to make and you just add milk to it. We don’t like to add white sugar to ours as it is refined sugar. We love a thing called molasses. It is a natural sugar brown liquid which has a fair bit of iron in there.

The other thing that I also like is to have my oatmeal in a shake such as the oatmeal sultana cookie.

Do buy them during winter at all major supermarkets