Where to stay in Melbourne

And its whilst doing the Melbourne Marathon.

Although the marathon is well and truly finished, you should start to think about your accommodation as it gets fully booked when the marathon tickets go on sale early next year.

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You need to work out a budget for your hotel/accommodation. Unless you decide to stay with friends. The city can be quite pricey, but if you stay in the suburbs travel can be a little bit of an inconvenience.

What sort of place would you like to stay in? Do you want somewhere that is clean and late checkout? Or do you like a small cottage type place or a dorm? Do you need a fully furnished place? Would you need a kitchen for your meals? Going out for meals all the time can be expensive and not good for the gut.

How far are you willing to travel from your place to get to the marathon? How much are you willing to pay to travel to the MCG? Travel on the weekends is about $6-$7 on public transport but if you have a bit more money you could always hire a taxi.

There are lots of hotels in the city. All of them cost around $300-$500 per night and if you are an International visitor you may want to spend more time getting used to the city. Tripadvisor has a great listing of hotels and lots of reviews on them. They have some great accomodation deals that you might be able to snap up. You can compare hotels here.

For the three weeks for International Visitors you may want to budget $2000-$5000 for hotel stays.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation before it becomes too late to do so.


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