How to start a mood journal

I got the idea from Nourishing Yas who wrote about anorexia recovery and thought I might do the same. I’m not anorexic but all the same, I wanted to start a mood journal.


I had only just started the journal so just bear with me.

My goals are:

  1. Be nicer to my family
  2. Be grateful for one thing each day
  3. Be happy
  4. Be healthy
  5. Do more yoga
  6. Teach Les Mills RPM at my gym
  7. Have courage and be kind

For years I have been sad and sometimes lonely and didn’t want to try anything new. I am autistic but on the higher end. So sometimes I might feel a bit left out of things. I run because I want to show people that we can do stuff.

I got this book from Typo which is awesome. The book cost me $7. Pink is my favourite colour as it reminds me of happiness and calm. I also collected some motivational quotes online from my Instagram.

All you need is a pen, paper and some motivational quotes, comments and things that you are grateful about.

And then from there, I have been writing one thing that I’m grateful for each day. It is meditating to do. It helped me to get rid of some of the stress and anxiety that I had.  I have written that I’m grateful to my Mum as well as other positive things. It has taught me to be thankful to my family. I’m grateful for the sunny days we have in Melbourne.

Sometimes I forget. But when I do it, it’s all good.

I also got a few comments on Instagram which is great, saying that I have lovely pictures. All it takes for me to get back on track is for someone to say such motivating stuff.

Try it for yourself and see where it might take you. This is a great way for you to relieve some of your stresses

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