Blue dinosaur snack range

This range is awesome and I bought that range of snacks from ASN! Here they sold them at $1-$2 each


I really love that they have no added sugar in there and lots of flavour goodness. They are worth the calories especially if you are into gym and fitness. They have a paleo range of snacks! I love the snack bites for on the go.

I have tried the Paleo bars before and they are awesome. But they are worth 240 calories each. Going paleo is about limiting processed food and this is what that does. The diet is supposed to represent what the hunters and gatherers went through in those early days. So its supposed to be about fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables.

But the bars had a bit of extra sugar in there and for people trying to lose weight this would not be the right product for them. But if you are going to the gym or running a bit then this would be ok.

Do buy them for that occasional snack!

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