Greentea X50 Vita Matcha tea

We talk about Greentea x50’s new Vita Matcha tea which has been on the market for some time.


Greentea x50 is supposed to be a fat burner tea and people believe it is. But the truth is though that they have to also do some exercise and eat a balanced diet.

I got this in a tin of 50 serves for $58 (normally its $64 but because I’m a member of Great Earth a store that I go to in the city, I got it at a discount)

You have two serves of these per day with water and it works out to $2.60 per day. Not bad when I usually pay $4 to get these each time.

They don’t burn much fat and calories but they are good for just a water flavour for when you are in the gym working out. You still have to have your food though.

They are a thermogenic which helps to keep you warm when its cold. For some people they are a fat burner. With a fat burner you don’t burn a lot of fat; you do have to borrow energy from somewhere and when you stop taking it you’ll have to give back that energy.

Hence this is why those that want to lose weight via this way and not via the ole sensible diet way will regain all their weight back. So its best to drink this when you are doing some exercise such as running or going to the gym. And not rely on it for weight loss.

They do have some caffeine in there but it’s not much. Its recommended that you don’t consume any more than three per day.

There’s only just a little bit of matcha flavour and they come in five different flavours:

  • Acai Berry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Pomegranate
  • Passionfruit
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Mango

I’ve tried all of them (except Acai berry as that’s not available at Great Earth in small sachets) in various stages and like all. But I like the pomegranate one the best. The lime one didn’t have a lot of flavour and was a little bit on the sourish side for me.

Don’t buy this tea and expect miracles. Buy this tea only just because you like it and want it as a flavour topper for your water. If you want to lose weight, its best to do some exercise and eat a healthy balanced meal and drink water. Drinking water helps you to flush out those toxins.

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