The Coeliac Expo

We talk about the Coeliac Expo and what it means to be gluten free

The Coeliac Expo was on and it was on in the Convention Centre. It was $18 to get in but I was treated to a lot of samples and lectures.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune one. You either have it or you don’t. It does involve the bowels and it does involve the brain. For most people it means that you can’t have wheat which has gluten in it. The more stressed you are about this disease, the worse it gets.

Being a coeliac is stressful. You have to tell all your family and friends and sometimes you just don’t know how when they are not gluten free. It can be depressing at first to manage your symptoms, but you’ll get used to it after a while. Not going out for dinner for fear of the food being contaminated can be depressing and can cause anxiety for most people.

Oh if you accidentally eat gluten it can be quite debilitating. So best to just stick to your gluten free diet if you can

And you’ll have to work with your healthcare team on managing your condition.

Luckily though there are resources out there on managing. Coeliac Australia are awesome at making cards and things to tell restaurants about your condition. They are a not for profit organisation which advocates for those with this disease.

Also knowing where to eat out is also stressful. Luckily though Melbourne has many gluten free places such as Ardor Foods which serve good gluten free food. They were kicked out of the Royal Melbourne show sadly, but in here they failed to disappoint. There was a bit of a wait for the doughnuts, aka 20 mins. But luckily though there was no wait for the vegetarian sausage roll which is full of pumpkin and love. The lemon gelato was equally just as good. And there is a guide online saying where you can eat that is gluten free.

Most restaurants have some gluten free food but there may be some traces of gluten in there. We can never be too sure about it. Coeliac Australia has a list of accredited food places that you can look at before going.

The Celiac Plate is a good guide to all things Celiac. You should check this out as its a lovely site on all things Gluten free.

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