Creating a healthy pantry

A healthy pantry is essential for any home. And its essential for your weight loss journey.

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Here’s how to clean up your pantry.

Get rid of all the bad junk foods. Surround it with healthy oats, muesli, rice and the like. Oh and put some nuts and spices in there. You could also put your olive oils and canned fish and veg in there.

Pasta and noodles would be good to keep in there.

Getting organized

Get rid of all the bad, moldy food from the pantry. Tidy up the pantry. Clear away all the food and wipe down the pantry.

After you did that, organise your pantry into sections. Have one section for the spices and another one for the cereals and keep it that way.

You can buy these little pantry containers from Daiso and they are awesome.  You should put your spices in one container and oats and other things in another container.

Any unwanted junk food that you have that is not opened, moldy or expired can go to charity. Don’t dump them in the bin as that is waste.

Meal plan and plan to use up all the food that is in the pantry before you buy more food.

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