Our September stats

Our September has been busy as with people looking to lose weight and Instagram’s new rules on diet, it has become busier.

For Instagram we got about 19 new followers. One of our posts got about 75 likes and that was the one where we reported someone.

For Twitter we did not get many followers. But health was talked about quite a bit with Instagram’s new rules being mentioned.

For WordPress we got a lot of followers and it was about 20 more. This is good as health is making such an impact on people’s lives. Our website ranking is about 6500000 in the world right now. Hopefully we can increase this ranking so that the site becomes popular with everyone.

This month we hope that Mental Health will be talked about a bit more as this is quite an important aspect to good health. We also did a health survey and you can find this here. We will report on this at the end of next month.

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