6 essential stores that students should know about

Students need to go shopping but want to do it on a budget? Here’s where you can find low prices in the city!



This store is all over the city and in all major shopping centres in Melbourne. We love them for their cheap household goods and foods. Here you can find their cheap kitchen goods for as little as $2.80. All of their goods are imported from Japan. In fact you might be able to find udon noodles there amongst other Japanese things

Some of the things are $3.80 and higher though.

My Chemist

Here they have discounted goods and perfumes. It’s important for a student to be healthy whilst they study. You can even get your prescription filled here.

Tokyo Hometown

This is a Japanese grocery store which has all the Japanese ingredients. They have all the healthy ingredients for a great cook up. Many students like to do Shabu Shabu in the winter and this place has all. They also have a great range of snacks; perfect for that study session.

The store is located in Melbourne’s CBD near RMIT.


Here they have everything you need under one roof and their specials change weekly. They also have a cafe in some of their stores so you can buy coffee cheaply. They are based all over Melbourne and if you sign up for their rewards card you can get things even cheaper

Chemist Warehouse

This place is located all over Melbourne and they usually have big brand sales. You can buy everything that you need for low prices everyday. If you go to the gym, you can usually buy your protein powders and snacks for cheap (usually under $5).


Target sells everything cheaply. From snacks to fitbits and other fitness toys and clothing, you’ll find it here. And they are not just in the city, they are also in the suburbs.

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