Periods and sport and how it affects us

We talk about periods and how it affects us as runners!


Ok, us ladies have a thing called periods which happen every month without fail. I have mine and it can affect my performance in training runs. Most of the time I get annoyed about this.

There isn’t a lot of information online about this except to talk about amenorrhea which is the stoppage of periods after excessive training.

The weeks and days before this I get a lot of energy and can run really well. But when it comes to period we often lose a bit of muscle and bone then. Often days 1 to 3 are the heaviest and by day 4 to 6 I have no energy by then. By that week its often the hardest to run

But after that I’m all good.

The Telegraph UK reported that athletes don’t perform as well whilst menstruating. Less than 25% of women have sought medical advice about this.

If we can talk about this issue more freely and often, why wouldn’t we? We should be able to talk to anyone about what we go through without embarrassment.

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