Our September Events

Here’s our roundup of what happened in September which was jam-packed with events.

Vogue Fashion night out


This event was on the 29th of August, a few days just before Spring. This event ran from 10am-10pm in the city. The event involved Melbourne Central, Emporium, St Collins Lane and many other places.  Here shoppers were treated to free food and alcohol. As well as coffee. This event was packed with lots of champagne.

Also, many stores gave out some generous discounts for shoppers. I really loved the Campari cart in Emporium. The line for the hotdog stand was huge at David Jones and they should consider having more.

But I really loved the concoctions at David Jones with their Lychee Martini and the alcoholic icy pops.


Happy Days exhibition in QV

This went on until the 22nd of September and there was free rainbow food for all. I really liked the rainbow sandwiches. They were not too sweet and they were the cheese toasties

Mid-Autumn festival


I went to the Crown event and there was nothing much there. All the food was overpriced. There wasn’t much entertainment. There were cooking shows but no bar. And I got some free samples but that was about it!

Nasi Lemak day


This was on from the 16th-18th of September and it was $5 for one for the first 100 people in line each day. It was at all the Papparich stores and I got to say that the QV store has lifted their standards. The nasi lemak I had there was really nice even though that place was busy.

The Footy Festival

It was on again at Yarra Park to celebrate all things footy. There were huge crowds that day cheering on Richmond. Here this was free and I scored a free goody bag from Chemist Warehouse. The beers were $10-$12 and the food was ridiculously expensive. But at least the coffee at McCafe was a gold coin donation and the day itself was sunny.

The pizzas from the pizza van were $10 each and the other food was about $10-$16 each.

Oh and by the way Richmond Tigers won.

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