Fake Nutritionists and how to spot them: our tips

We talk about spotting the fake nutritionist as this is a huge topic on Instagram

In the online world, there is no regulation about giving people nutrition advice without a degree. So anyone can be a nutritionist. Nutracheck says that there are lots of untested advice online from wellness gurus and other people. They use Emma as an example of someone who is a real one. They say that the problem isn’t a choice but the quality of choice. Pretty much everyone can do a course they said but its where they do the course at.

We did our own search on Google of nutrition advice and it came back with 55,000,000 results. We could not tell who is fake and who is real. Nutrition society says that there is no legal protection over the title Nutritionist which means that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist if they want to.

Quickanddirtytips.com talks about how fake nutrition can hurt us all. Here they say that it can cost us a lot of money and time to fix a person.

In our school at Precision nutrition, it costs us $700 AUD or thereabouts and we would complete the course within six months. But there are people out there who complete the course within two to three weeks. It takes time for concepts to be learned.

A real nutritionist degree is about four years and they have a license to practice afterward

So here are some things to look out for:

  • If they cut out entire food groups

This can cause an eating disorder in many people. For women, it can cause hormonal dysfunction. Remember Sarah from “I Quit Sugar” program? It turns out that she hurt many people from her no sugar advice.

  • If they sell diet supplements without the proper knowledge

These dietary supplements can hurt someone. There are too many out there that do sell these supplements without prior knowledge.

  •  If they sell a gluten-free diet when you don’t need it

Going gluten-free is not for everyone. It’s only for those that cannot eat or tolerate wheat at all.

  • If they sell nutribullet diets and only those online.

It’s worth steering clear of them. They do nothing for you.

Remember this, its calories in versus calories out that will help you lose the weight. Nothing else will. Not even a shake or a diet tea.

Remember that a real nutritionist will have their degree as Bsc or Msc in Nutrition/Human nutrition.

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