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Most of us have to travel for work and that means spending time on the airplane full of people usually for many hours on long haul flights. So here are some manners for the plane. Manners matter a lot to airline staff and their passengers. Airline staff are there to keep your flight safe

Don’t turn up for a flight drunk

Many business executives enjoy their frequent flyer and business class status and fly in business class. The lounge is certainly inviting with lots of alcoholic beverages. And then you get served a welcome drink on board the plane. And after takeoff you get more drinks.

Don’t spoil it for yourself and get drunk before you fly, mate! Save that for later. It’s a sure way to get you fired if the boss finds out

Oh and if you turn up to the gate drunk, most likely they will not let you fly and you’ll have to wait until you have sobered up and board the next available flight.

Obey all flight crew instructions

That one had to be said but each year too many people get arrested just because of that.

If you don’t do as they asked, you’ll be kicked off and charged for interfering. The flight crew are here for your safety and everyone else’s.

Don’t push in front of the line, wait your turn

Unless you are flying in business class or first class, wait your turn. There is no need to push in front of the line. The plane won’t take off without you.

If the ground staff sees you pushing the queue, they might deny you boarding as you would be an annoyance to other travellers.

Don’t be loud and obnoxious.

People don’t want to hear your conversations. They just simply want to go somewhere. If they can hear you they can tell the flight attendant and most likely you’ll be kicked off.

Don’t start a fight with anyone

If you do, you will be kicked off and it will be all over the news. There is always someone filming the fight inside the aircraft and then it will be shared on Youtube and Facebook

Your boss will most likely find out and you’ll be terminated from your job. You will have to pay for the gate fees and the costs associated with your bad behaviour. You would be charged and airlines can fine you up to $25000 for it.

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