Too much workout and no period

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Ladies this one affects you.

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In our case it does not happen as we eat a lot and train a lot.

I had written about this subject before but I mention it again here as its spring and people are looking to lose weight in time for summer so they go to the gym.

Losing your period is not normal, although people think it is. The Health department at Cleveland Clinic says that this issue is quite common among athletes.

When you workout too much and restrict yourself with food and calories, you won’t have enough body fat and eventually you’ll lose your period. It’s happened before to many people and believe me its not nice. Three months down the track and it becomes a serious problem.

In the end you’ll lose bone mass which will then lead to osteoporosis. In the end it can result in stress fractures and can cause you to take time off your sport to rest (Huffington Post)

How that happens

How that can happen is that you have low body fat. By that I mean that it is under 15%. Tinamuir a former elite athlete says that stress and the high intensity exercise is often to blame for the low body fat percentage and no periods.

Low body fat can cause a hormonal imbalance which means that periods can come late or never at all.

” The exact process behind this involves a hitch in the process of the set of hormonal interactions that leads to a period. Sudden changes in weight can cause the hormone leptin, produced by fatty tissue, to drop, which can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Reduced fat stores also reduce thyroid levels but cause an increase of cortisol, which has a knock on effect on the reproductive hormones. Finally, weight loss can cause an increase in the hormone ghrelin, which, like leptin, causes a chain reaction resulting in diminished release of luteinising hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which are crucial for the menstrual cycle.” (

But what if you want children?

If you don’t have a period, you might not be able to have children due to infertility issues.

So if you want children it’s best to up the food intake and love yourself for who you are not what you look like. And it’s best to not do too much exercise unless you are training for marathons and have eaten the right amount of food for a marathoner.

How to improve back posture in the office

We work in the office for 8-9 hours usually hunched over a screen. Poor posture can become second nature for people that work in the office. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that

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Posture in the office is really important as you could get back problems later on in life. Over time this habit can create some muscular skeletal problems in your joints and lower back. This is known to cost the workplace some money as well as decreased productivity. Most office workers at some point in their lives experience back pain. So here’s how to improve the posture

Bring your own lumber supports and props to the office

Sitting in a chair without adequate support for long hours will put more pressure on your back. If your office chair doesn’t support your lower back you can bring your own lumber supports. Your bum should be pressed against the back of your chair.

Install a TRX strap in the coffee room or in a shared space so that everyone can use it properly

The TRX straps range from $20-$250 and they come with an instruction manual on how to adjust the straps and do the exercises. This way you can encourage everyone to get up and stretch on the hour every hour.

Sit up straight and don’t slouch

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that? Before you sit down set your office chair to the correct height. You should be able to see the computer screen without you having to bend down. Your shoulders should be back and you should sit up nice and tall. Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle at the keyboard.

Stand when you can

Do stand on the train, tram, buses if you have been sitting all day. Do some standing stretches on the hour every hour that you work.

But wear supportive footwear in the office. Don’t wear high heels all the time

Do yoga in your lunch break

Yoga helps to improve flexibility. There are apps in which you can download that will help you to do it. You could try Daily Yoga!


Make sure that you do some walking or strength work or cardio, whatever you like to do. We should aim to have about 150 mins of vigorous activity a week and 2-3 strength sessions.

Easy ways with mushrooms

We talk about the magic mushroom which you can add to anything.

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Mushrooms have a lot of fiber, potassium and other minerals which make them magic and versatile. They don’t have a lot of taste but there are all different kinds of mushrooms. They are a part of the fungus family and are easy to grow.

You can buy them at the supermarket or at a farmers market. If you buy them at a farmers market the stallholder can tell you how it’s grown as well as how to eat them and there might be some mushroom that you have never heard of that you can try.

You can add them to breakfast items such as eggs, toast and corn fritters. You can sauteed them for about a minute.

You can add them to a pasta dish. Or you can add them to a pizza dish.

You can add them to a salad and eat them raw.

You can have them in Asian noodles and rice dishes.

Do try mushrooms as a part of your vegetable intake. If you don’t enjoy mushrooms on its own you can always add them in sauces. They don’t have a lot of flavour.

Five ways to eat healthily easy

Hey guys are you in a hurry to get somewhere such as work on time?

Well here are five ways to eat healthily easy.


Stock your kitchen

A well stocked kitchen means no last minute dashes to the supermarket. Your kitchen should have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as grains, proteins and sauces and oils.

A well stocked kitchen means that you eat well and do not eat junk food or takeout.

Eat out well

Know what you’re eating and where. Fried foods are bad for you. Also sauces have added sugars in them so we tend to ask for it to be on the side where we can have as much as it’s needed. We have written a guide on eating out here.

Know your portions

Knowing your portions is really important and a key success to weight loss. Half the plate should be full of vegetables, one quarter of it should be carbs and one quarter of it protein. Or otherwise you can use your palm. One palm is for protein for ladies and one palm is for carbs. Two palms for ladies is for the vegetables.

Prep your meals well in advance

Prepping your meals well in advance can save you time and money. And empty calories.You could prepare them on Sunday or on your day off. You can multiple lunch trays from places like Daiso or a supermarket/$2 place.

Pick foods that multitask

If you pick foods that multitask it’s a lot easier to be healthy

  • Jalna low fat greek yoghurt- you can make dips with these or you can eat it plain
  • Apple cider vinegar- you can use it in water or as a dressing
  • Turmeric- can be used in sauces, coatings or can be used to make a turmeric latte
  • Rosemary- can be used for stuffings and marinades
  • Honey- can be used in everything from drinks to making cakes

Mayver’s peanut butter

We talk about Mayver’s peanut butter and the benefits of eating it

I enjoy peanut butter as it has good fats as well as a good source of potassium which we all need, especially runners. Runners need potassium to run great races and training runs. Without it we crash and burn.

Potassium is great for getting rid of those muscle spasms as well as balancing fluid and electrolyte on those hot and really cold days.

The peanut butter has no added sugar to it which is great. And they have the good fats of nuts in there.

Ways to eat Mayver’s peanut butter

  • As peanut butter satay sauce for skewers
  • As dips for vegetables
  • In a sandwich with cheese for added calcium
  • In a smoothie

Do buy Mayver’s peanut butter at Coles and Woolworths.

The fear of rejection

We talk about rejection and why it sabotages your weight loss program!

We all fear rejection from time to time. But what if that fear was holding you back?

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What is rejection?

It is when somebody says no to something or doesn’t like your idea. It is also the dread and avoiding being shamed by other people. Lone Wolf says that those who fear rejection will often go to great lengths to blend in and make sure that they are accepted by others.

In the office there is such thing as a promotion and idea sharing. But often people don’t share the idea with their boss because of the fear of rejection.

The Sales Blog talks about rejection and that fear. Verywellmind also talks about it.

We all fear difficult conversations, sometimes it can be about our weight. But it is necessary to have them with our doctors and family members. That is human nature.

When you go out on the first date there is always a fear of rejection. Of what if they don’t like me?

At the gym when we are new we fear talking to older members about using the equipment and how to use for fear that we would be laughed at. At the gym we also fear talking to older members about our weight for fear that we would not be accepted.

For some people when they want to lose weight, they want to do it alone for fear of being judged for being too fat.

What to look for when someone has that fear of rejection

  • They have a lack of assertiveness
  • They are always a yes person and wouldn’t say no, especially at work. This will later lead them to burnout
  • This person always makes excuses for not doing what you asked-eg go to the gym when they have been meaning to lose weight.

What are the consequences of this?

  • You’ll never learn
  • You’ll appear insecure to your colleagues, friends and family
  • You’ll never lose the weight if you don’t try new things and food all the time
  • You’ll never get to share that idea
  • People will always manipulate you and you will become a doormat
  • People will be frustrated at you for not trying.

I say just go for it if you can, because you don’t know what will happen afterwards. They might accept your idea or there might be a second date. Don’t let fear stop you from doing your thang.

How not to feel guilty about food

I got the idea from Myfitnesspal

We talk about the notion of food guilt here and why it matters for weight loss!

What is food guilt?

Food guilt is all about feeling guilty after you’ve eaten a certain food which you think you shouldn’t have. They know that it’s wrong. Rachael Good Nutrition says that diet culture is everywhere in today’s society. She says that its taught by our parents and the media.

Parents teach us that sweets and junk food are wrong so we adopt that notion.

We should ditch food guilt and have a positive mindset and here’s how

Don’t restrict yourself

It’s important to eat the five groups of food everyday. People who restrict themselves will be more prone to binge eating later on when their diet program stops and then they will regain the weight.

View all food as equal. We should be having a happy and healthy relationship with food. When you view food as equal, then you can enjoy it for what it is. You can even enjoy a small glass of wine with your meals for what it is.

Do enjoy that occasional treat

It’s ok. Everybody’s allowed one. Even I have my off days where I love to eat whatever. I love ice cream and other treats. But just don’t do it everyday.

Find other ways to destress

People use food as a way to destress, but you don’t have to. Find something that you like to do other than food. That can be going for a run or doing some exercise in the gym. Don’t use food as an obsession.

Not a gym person? You could meditate or go to the beach/park.

Attitude towards food matters

People tend to overeat in stressful situations such as meetings or out of boredom. Some people have food guilt which means that they think that they have overeaten and reality is that they haven’t. This is where a calorie counting app or a food journal can become useful. Research shows that people that overeat tend to be obese.

Some people also struggle to enjoy just that one piece of cake and instead they devour more. When they do so they get fatter and fatter. Myfitnesspal explains it here.

We should view food as neutral. There is no room on your plate for food guilt. If you are having difficulties with such things there is a course by Precision Nutrition that you can do.

If you’re one of those people that tend to overeat, why not keep a food journal of your foods and your moods?

Where to stay in Melbourne

And its whilst doing the Melbourne Marathon.

Although the marathon is well and truly finished, you should start to think about your accommodation as it gets fully booked when the marathon tickets go on sale early next year.

white bed pillow on white bed comforter in brown room

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You need to work out a budget for your hotel/accommodation. Unless you decide to stay with friends. The city can be quite pricey, but if you stay in the suburbs travel can be a little bit of an inconvenience.

What sort of place would you like to stay in? Do you want somewhere that is clean and late checkout? Or do you like a small cottage type place or a dorm? Do you need a fully furnished place? Would you need a kitchen for your meals? Going out for meals all the time can be expensive and not good for the gut.

How far are you willing to travel from your place to get to the marathon? How much are you willing to pay to travel to the MCG? Travel on the weekends is about $6-$7 on public transport but if you have a bit more money you could always hire a taxi.

There are lots of hotels in the city. All of them cost around $300-$500 per night and if you are an International visitor you may want to spend more time getting used to the city. Tripadvisor has a great listing of hotels and lots of reviews on them. They have some great accomodation deals that you might be able to snap up. You can compare hotels here.

For the three weeks for International Visitors you may want to budget $2000-$5000 for hotel stays.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation before it becomes too late to do so.

Our Mental Health month

This post brought to you by Officehealth

October is Mental Health Month and for many of us who sits in the office our mental health can deteriorate. For some of us we have relationship problems at home.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

What if I told you that there are lifestyle remedies for dealing with mental health problems?

It is Spring here in Melbourne which often means sunny weather. And it means time to be outdoors.

We did a lot of weeding that month and physical hard labour is one way of getting the problems out there. Weeding is addictive and very meditative. Being out in the sun has its advantages. I really liked weeding and just getting the job done. I didn’t mind getting my hands dirty.

For some people they have a lot of family issues to deal with. You could do the weeding together as a family and then sort out your issues there and then. I watched Supernanny and the families that worked through their issues stayed together and were happier for that. The adults talked about how they felt towards one another!

I enjoyed my sunny days walking around the river and patting all the dogs that were. They were so cute. They provided me with some much needed mental therapy. The dogs were happy and I was happy.

I did lots of running at that time and enjoyed myself. I enjoyed not having to wait in traffic

Also RUSU (that is RMIT Student Union) had their relaxation zone which was just awesome to relax in and enjoy some snacks. Here I just chilled out. They had puzzles and cute soft toys to cuddle. At this time students have their exams and of course they are stressed out.

You are not alone with your mental health issues and you should seek support from your loved ones.