Too much workout and no period

Warning: this one is for the ladies, men please keep scrolling on Ladies this one affects you. In our case it does not happen as we eat a lot and train a lot. I had written about this subject before but I mention it again here as its spring and people are looking to loseContinue reading “Too much workout and no period”


How to improve back posture in the office

We work in the office for 8-9 hours usually hunched over a screen. Poor posture can become second nature for people that work in the office. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that Posture in the office is really important as you could get back problems later on in life. Over timeContinue reading “How to improve back posture in the office”

Easy ways with mushrooms

We talk about the magic mushroom which you can add to anything. Mushrooms have a lot of fiber, potassium and other minerals which make them magic and versatile. They don’t have a lot of taste but there are all different kinds of mushrooms. They are a part of the fungus family and are easy toContinue reading “Easy ways with mushrooms”

Five ways to eat healthily easy

Hey guys are you in a hurry to get somewhere such as work on time? Well here are five ways to eat healthily easy. Stock your kitchen A well stocked kitchen means no last minute dashes to the supermarket. Your kitchen should have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as grains, proteins andContinue reading “Five ways to eat healthily easy”

Mayver’s peanut butter

We talk about Mayver’s peanut butter and the benefits of eating it I enjoy peanut butter as it has good fats as well as a good source of potassium which we all need, especially runners. Runners need potassium to run great races and training runs. Without it we crash and burn. Potassium is great forContinue reading “Mayver’s peanut butter”

The fear of rejection

We talk about rejection and why it sabotages your weight loss program! We all fear rejection from time to time. But what if that fear was holding you back? What is rejection? It is when somebody says no to something or doesn’t like your idea. It is also the dread and avoiding being shamed byContinue reading “The fear of rejection”

How not to feel guilty about food

I got the idea from Myfitnesspal We talk about the notion of food guilt here and why it matters for weight loss! What is food guilt? Food guilt is all about feeling guilty after you’ve eaten a certain food which you think you shouldn’t have. They know that it’s wrong. Rachael Good Nutrition says thatContinue reading “How not to feel guilty about food”

Where to stay in Melbourne

And its whilst doing the Melbourne Marathon. Although the marathon is well and truly finished, you should start to think about your accommodation as it gets fully booked when the marathon tickets go on sale early next year. You need to work out a budget for your hotel/accommodation. Unless you decide to stay with friends.Continue reading “Where to stay in Melbourne”

Our Mental Health month

This post brought to you by Officehealth October is Mental Health Month and for many of us who sits in the office our mental health can deteriorate. For some of us we have relationship problems at home. But it doesn’t have to be this way What if I told you that there are lifestyle remediesContinue reading “Our Mental Health month”

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