Bloggers vs Influencers

We talk about the issue of Bloggers vs Influencers which has been going on for some time.

Almost anybody can be a blogger these days. But some people are also influencers. Influencers are those that influence others to buy their products. Influencers have to say that they like a product in order to get money. Influencers usually do the high-end stuff which usually no one can afford.

The macro influencer would be some celebrity or someone who is well known for their niche.

The influencers are the macro ones that usually have about 500,000+ followers on Instagram and Twitter. The micro guys like myself have less than that number on both platforms and Facebook altogether. The micro guys are mainly bloggers.

But we don’t like that influencer style. We like to get our products ourselves as I love to tell the truth about something. And I love to do bargains as people can afford them. We love healthy products that are affordable.

The micro guys are the brand ambassador that represents brands that they love ( We might receive money or free products as part of our job of spreading the word. But we never try to push clients to buy our products in order for the company to make sales. According to a report by it is said that we earn anywhere between $258-$1000 per post depending on the number of followers that we have.

I would love to be trusted by all my followers and not be fake just for the money. People prefer to hear real opinions from people according to Shane Barker. They are likely to trust recommendations from a real user and not a celebrity.

Some of the posts that I find on Instagram are often fake and just ads which I and my users hate to see.

Who do you believe? The micro-influencer or the macro one that is paid big bucks to advertise? Let us know in the comments.

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