Instagram is now getting rid of diet product posts

We talk about this important change and what it would mean for users.


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Instagram is now getting rid of those diet product posts in order for users to become more body positive. Under Instagram’s new rules miracle health claims will not be allowed as this encourages disordered eating

This is good for us as we have been fighting this for a while. This was one of our goals. Used to want to sell Herbalife but after we saw some of the damage we got to say that it’s not great for us and our users.

This week on Precision Nutrition we have been learning about disordered eating and how bad it is for us human beings. We sometimes see clients at the gym with this sort of eating. They want to lose the weight fast because they see these really thin people on Instagram and they want to be just like them.

Instagram has called out on Kim Kardashian’s lollypops saying that under the new rule it would be banned. This is a huge win for the mental health and real health industry as we want to take a stance against such behavior.

So far this week we reported quite a few and they got rid of one. So don’t be scared of reporting a few that you think are quite fake. You can just right-click on their posts on your phone to report them. Instagram is great at responding. Here’s how to look for the fake ones.

  • If they are posting just about their diet products or cosmetic surgery without real proof
  • If they are posting really skinny people and how they lost weight so fast
  • If they are cutting out whole food groups. As a rule we should aim to have about five food groups a day and a little bit of sugar.
  • If they have some sort of miracle claims. If you’re not sure just ask your healthcare team.
  • If they have more followers than postings, ie. 10000 followers over 100 posts. Its likely that they bought their followers somewhere.

People under 18 years old

They will restrict these sorts of advertising to these people.

But what about those that want to promote this stuff?

Once they hear of the news, they will panic. We don’t feel any sympathy for them whatsoever. They will always find new ways of doing this and might use Instagram less often.

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