The Life of Buddha review

photo of golden gautama buddha

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This is a true story featuring true people. Here the story is set in India where there is Bollywood dancing. Here it talks about the life of Buddha and how Buddhism came about.

Here we learn about pain and suffering and how to be happy. At Christmastime in Melbourne, many people are poor and sad because they cannot afford the things that we have such as gifts. In Melbourne, there are beggars and people wanting money. At Kadampa the monks wants us to give money to give them hope and a warm heart. In the movie, the monkeys that eat the mango represents the people in Melbourne. In Melbourne, there are many good charities such as the Salvation Army and the Big Umbrella. So we don’t necessarily need to give them money, but just hope and food. And that’s what the Big Umbrella does.

Here we also learn about enlightenment.

The movie also talks about dying and suffering as well as old age. We can’t delay the suffering and dying is inevitable. In the movie, the baby dies.

Do your bit for society and give what you can. Life goes on no matter what.

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