The market project and the BBQ

The last BBQ of the year was held in St Kilda and I was invited by the Couch. Actually, for all it is $10 for food and $3 for the wine. This event attracts a lot of keen International students and workers as they always love trying the amazing food.

I contributed something and for that, the aim was to do something different. For that, I went to the markets.

Since the market did not have bread or my vegetarian sausages I had to buy them from the supermarket. I chose ciabatta bread with olives. It worked well with the cheese and quince jam. I bought three pieces of cheese for $10. Here I chose brie, cheddar, and blue vein. Everyone at the BBQ liked them.

I also chose three dips for $10 whilst at the market. This time I got a smoked salmon dip, an olive tapenade, and the usual tzatziki. I decided not to go with hommus this time and try some new ones. Everyone loved the olive dip. In fact, some of the International students and workers did not know.

I also tried a chardonnay which worked well with the cheddar. Chardonnay is a type of sparkling wine and this tasted like apple

I tried something new whilst at the BBQ and that was the baby octopus. I had never tried this before and when they are grilling they move around a fair bit.

The veggie sausages were good too. I normally get the burgers, but when I saw vegetarian sausages I wanted to try these. They were great and people liked them.

Many thanks to the Couch for the invite.

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