Lets move 365: Engaging Melbourne by Akira

cooked sausages in close up view

Photo by Edwin Jaulani on Pexels.com

Engaging Melbourne is mainly a Melbourne Uni student group which helps to facilitate outside events with local and international students and it is easy to sign up. I first knew about them in one of Meld’s events last year. RMIT students can sign up too. They are sponsored by the Melbourne Football club which won the Hawthorn vs Melbourne match at the MCG by 29 points. Here I got a chance to mingle with many new International students attending their first game and it was fun. Many didn’t know how to open the sauce which is squeezing it open with your hand and putting a little bit on your pie.

Many students didn’t know about the Aussie pie which is a tradition in many AFL games. That and having the glass of beer is also a tradition.

Also having a BBQ in summer is another tradition.


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