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Healthy habits are a franchise which means that service can vary in one way or another. The first Healthy Habits I visited was at Melbourne Airport where I was given a free voucher by the City of Melbourne to eat there on my lunch break and the second time I bought a Groupon for this.

Healthy habits are all about sandwiches, salads, and yogurts. They have been in the Entertainment book several times except for this year and last.

The cafe always seemed really empty, I wonder why. They do have outdoor seating though.

Here they have a few early morning coffee specials like the one in the airport. At the airport, I had the bacon and egg roll with coffee. Except mind was without bacon of course but more veg. Back then I didn’t know about the fat-burning tea.

To my apple juice at Bourke st (which is freshly made and not bottled), I added my herbal tea supplement from Herbalife and there on it burnt about 80 cals. I started to feel better. This was not too sweet, but tart. And I got some of my water intake from there.

The Groupon only allowed for half wraps but at the airport, I got a full one. I really do enjoy their wraps as they have a lot of vegetables in there. They say that it is important to have about 3-5 serves of veggies per day and I chose the vegetarian one. It didn’t have a lot of falefel but still good.

One guy came in after me and ordered a milkshake. I am trying to stay away from too many sweet foods if I can.

Do go there if you need a quick and healthy lunch. And if you want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle then email us.


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