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I got this idea from Health Bloggers community

I have been actively involved in the Health and Wellness space for over four years now. In 2015 I started learning the ropes when I was at the gym and then in 2016 I started learning marathon running.


I was in the food blogging industry but that was encouraging me to gain more fat and less muscle and more PMS problems.

In the health industry, I am looking to educate people on the right balance of nutrition, going out and gym. The health and wellness industry is tainted by all these diet scams.

The content that I create

I like to create How-to posts, event posts and some discussions and debates about issues and things that affect us all. The events that I attend should be relevant to my industry of health and wellness

The person who I’d be most thankful for:

Is my mum. She understands what goes on behind the world of health blogging. She is a pharmacist so she understands the need to learn. She also understands the need to rest on the day before my long run.

Blogger or Instagramer?

Ever since late 2019 I have been more of an Instagrammer focussing on all the likes. But then Instagram removed the like feature and now I’m more of a blogger.

Some wins that I had:

Getting a little over 1290 followers on Instagram. Having the number of likes removed makes it so much easier to post meaningful content online and focus on the blog.

I have gained about 233 followers over that space. It means a lot to me and the fact is that health and wellness are starting to become more important to us all.

It was through this journey that I started learning about the different health days such as RU OK day and the various rules that Fitness Australia has.

Some challenges as health bloggers

  • Earning money is one of the hardest ones- we don’t earn enough money as a health blogger
  • We always have to learn about Fitness Australia’s rules and adapt to changes
  • Mental health is such a huge issue that gets underfunded by the Government and society.

Some failures that I had:

Not knowing how to spin cycle in my first year of the gym and being told off for that. And coming late to gym class. That was back in 2015. Not cool. Nowadays as a marathoner, I understand the importance of being on time. Now I come fifteen minutes early and learnt to rely on myself and not the public transport system.

Also wearing jeans in my first gym class. Not acceptable. Now I wear three-quarter pants.

Ideal partners to collaborate with

I’d like to collaborate with universities to give students some working experience in this field of health journalism

I’d also like to collaborate with brands that can understand being truthful as opposed to money.

Some lessons to take away from this industry if you are brand new to it

Never stop learning and never stop trying. Watch Undercover Boss. Read lots of books. Do lots of online courses. Be prepared to spend some money learning new things.

It won’t come overnight. It takes months to work at it.


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