Toxic Work cultures

And we should not have to deal with them.

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What is toxic work culture?

Talent Culture says that toxic workplace culture is highly authoritative and places too many rules on employees. It is very stressful for people. It gets to the point where people cannot take it any longer and so they leave.

The Brisbane National times said that people with toxic work cultures tend to not show up for work, high turnover, poor performance, and an increase in Work cover claims and bullying. It costs the company lots of money according to Goalcast.

Office workers should be able to get breaks when they want to. But they deal with things like meeting high expectations or deadlines which are really tight. Many of them are forced to work weekends

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, some people are forced to eat lunch in their cars just to get away from it all.

Its bad enough having to wear a uniform which sometimes might feel uncomfortable. Wearing a tie can be a bit unhygienic because if you wash them you’ll damage it. says it’s unhygienic to wear a tie and most people nowadays don’t have to wear one. But no breaks really?

Bank tellers and anyone dealing with people on the front line would face some abuse from customers. The Irish times say that many of their staff are not supported when they are abused. But here in Australia, the staff can report the abuse to higher up.

Here’s how to handle this:

  • take your lunch break
  • Have a casual Friday where people can wear Jeans
  • For every four hours worked there should be a break of 30mins for lunch and a small break for 10 mins.
  • Occasionally have a potluck lunch where everyone brings something and there is a bit of team bonding.
  • Don’t take abuse from customers. Instead, banks should employ security staff to handle the abusive customer
  • Every company and workplace should do surveys of their employees about three times a year and then work out where they can improve team morale.
  • Get rid of most of the company rules and let your employees have a say in the work that they do. But they should keep the company goals in mind.
  • We should be encouraging leadership and inclusiveness and not discouraging either.
  • A business should assign realistic workloads to their employees so that they can leave their work at the office and go home every night and be with their families.

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