The Royal Melbourne Show guide for 2019

We give you some tips on having fun, but a cost-effective day at the Show. The show is on from the 21st of September to the 2nd of October at the Melbourne Showgrounds.


This is one kind of lunch that you could bring to the Show

Going to the show can be expensive for families but it doesn’t need to be. With a bit of planning, it can all work out.

There are deals for RACV members but you must buy your ticket online. You can also enjoy the show after dark for $21 per adult.

How will you get there?

Car parking at the show is about $20 a day, so if you can why not take the tram or the train? It’s only $8.40 a day for adults to travel within the metropolitan area but if you have a pass it’s free. On the 57 tram, they have stairs but you can ask another passenger to help you if you have a pram.

If you travel by public transport, why not set yourself a limit and say three bags per person? That way its more manageable and you won’t have to fork out a lot for show bags.

The bonus is if you go on public transport you can drink and enjoy some alcohol.


There are lots of free attractions such as the New Joneses house and the RACV cafe for RACV members. The Woolworths Pavillion is also another great place to check out.

The treasure hunt is on again and there are about 15 things to collect.

Wanna go on rides? It’s a good idea to buy the Ticket to ride which allows you to budget a certain amount and then just stick to it and go on no more after that. You can only get this online.

Set yourself and your family a time limit and stick to it. Make sure that everyone wears a watch on that day and get out on time. If you set yourself a limit then you cannot overspend on time or money.

How not to lose kids at the show and even if they do get lost!

  • Write your number on a piece of paper and your name and tell the kids that if they get lost to give the paper to an adult and ask them to help your child call you
  • Photograph them before you get to the show on your smartphone in their clothes. Then if you lose them you can show the photo to the Pie in the Sky staff and they will help you find your child.
  • Dress them in something unique ie a costume. Or you could put some a light colored scrunchie in their hair. Something that helps you to recognize them

Food and drinks

BYO your own if you can. But if you can’t or forgot your lunch there is the Woolworths Pavillion which has a lot of show specials on offer. Don’t go for the overpriced food. It’s so not worth it

If you go during the daytime you could go for the scones at the CWA kitchen.

But don’t bring glass into the show as that’s not allowed.

The Showbags

Get show bags which are useful and you can use the items in it. For me, I’d buy the Women’s weekly ($18), Women’s Health ($27) and My Kitchen Rules ($27). Don’t get the ones with all the chocolate in it as its usually a waste of money.

There are usually some good show bags on offer at the Woolworths Pavillion too and you can use all the items up within a year.


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