Love Food Hate Waste

We talk about this campaign called Love Food Hate Waste and how businesses can do the right thing to attract more customers.

Its a campaign run by Sustainability Victoria in where they encourage businesses and households not to waste food.

Many businesses waste food due to customers not wanting things and wanting things to be changed to their liking. At the end of the day, not much-baked goods are being sold and then they are thrown away.

It puts a strain on natural resources that are used to create food in Victoria. Each year about 250000 tonnes of avoidable food waste from Victorian households and businesses goes to landfill! There is a financial loss for both Victorian businesses and households as well as an environmental one! When food goes into landfill it can create greenhouse gases which are toxic to the environment and our health!

There is always a cost with everything that you do and for small cafes, you cannot afford to waste food as that’s money going down the drain. In a Rush has a few outlets in the city and they get the no waste thing right. They regularly donate food to charities.

Degani and most fast food outlets waste a lot of food. Degani’s food is often overpriced and most people don’t buy their overpriced food.

This campaign can also be extended to businesses that participate in events like the Mid Autumn festival. Here things were really overpriced and there wasn’t a lot of sampling by the food stalls to attract customers. I know that the rent is high in the area but there could have been more customers to their stalls if there was some sampling done.

Many households also do the same thing. We buy lots of food and then we forget to eat on the use-by date. We should really plan ahead and use up everything in our fridge and freezer before we go out and buy anything.

Some ways that businesses cannot waste food

  • Have some daily specials with the products that will need to be eaten
  • Give some food away to charity or to people living on the street
  • Have free promotion days where you promote your food to people. They did this a lot on Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Order what you can use and don’t over order
  • Have some end of the day specials for food such as baked items or just been cooked items.
  • Offer samples to people of what you cooked and you’d attract more business
  • Store your food correctly. This can make food last for weeks and days.
  • I love the Lentils As anything idea where you pay as you feel as some people cannot afford food
  • Businesses and households should donate pantry goods to some local free for all pantries.

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